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Lay off me, I'm starving

I'm about a week in to a surge of motivation to exercise and not eat everything in sight. If you see me on the street and I ignore you, it's because I can't see you through my thick cloud of hunger and anger (aka HANGER).

Usually when I decide I need to drop a few pounds, I see some results by now. Unfortunately (and fortunately) for me, this is also the month I've decided to get my A1C down (in short, this means better average blood sugar readings. It also means that I'm having a lot more low blood sugar incidents than usual). It's really tough to do both of these things at once, as calorie restriction and treating low blood sugar episodes are canceling each other out. It's a catch-22. I'm actually starting to wonder if good (diabetic) health and weight loss can actually co-exist. 

This summer (I'm catching you up because I'm a horrible blogger, but you already know that because I haven't posted in so long) has been--how do I put this--educational, to say the least. I've been reading every blog, forum and book in existence trying to understand this disease better than I already do (I'm currently into Think Like a Pancreas by Gary Scheiner, so more on that later). This is really the first time in my life that I've paid this much attention to my body, and I've realized that in order to have really (I mean really) tight control over my blood sugars I have to be paying attention ALL THE TIME. There is very little margin for error when you're keeping your sugars (or attempting to) in a tight range, and thus much less time for day dreaming (or real tasks, for that matter). 

Manual mode is hard. This post is a rant. That's ok, right?

I have so much to say about all of these changes I'm making and how much I've learned, but I'm really grumpy this week because all I want is pizza and beer. I promise I'll be back!

Still type one,