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THE "CYBORG" PART: Living with Type One Diabetes

First of all, all this "robot" talk is not a cute joke, although it can be adorable if you're picturing BB-8 or any of the sexy villains from Austin Powers. In short, I am truly part "machine" and have dubbed myself as such to make it less weird/more cool for everyone I know (especially myself). I wear an insulin pump, connected to me via tubing and a port that I move to a new location on my body every three days. I also wear a CGM (continuous glucose monitor) that tells me more or less what my blood sugar is up to so that I can act accordingly (give myself insulin if the readings are too high or eat something if the readings are too low). If you're thinking this situation sounds time-consuming and attention-sucking, you're right. It's much like living on the center of a see-saw that you are told should never touch the ground on one side or the other.

Type One Diabetes (formerly known as "Juvenile" diabetes) is an autoimmune disorder, which (in a nutshell) means that my body is constantly attacking its own healthy (insulin-producing) cells, rendering them completely ineffective. This is much different from the way that Type Two Diabetes (formerly known as "Adult-onset" diabetes) acts as a disease, but we'll get to that in the blog. Each of these diseases are grossly misunderstood, and I hope that (if nothing else) we can clear up some misconceptions along the way.

The "Hollywood" Part: Everything In Between

Oh hey, that's me (working for Harley by drinking a beer and having a good ol time)

Oh hey, that's me (working for Harley by drinking a beer and having a good ol time)

I don't think there is anywhere else on earth where you can wear quite as many hats as you can in Hollywood. Want to be a director-actor-producer? Fine. Want to be an animal trainer-stuntman-food truck owner? Done. You get the idea. 

Hollywood gets a bad rap, and while I understand the reasoning behind it, I love that living here and working your ass off really does allow for a person to try on any title they can dream of. I have tried on quite a few hats, some more flattering than others (auditioning for the role of Lollipop Chainsaw and walking down Sunset Blvd dressed like this was not my proudest afternoon). Regardless, I have a feeling I'll always have trouble settling on just one title. As of now, my time is spent as a photographer and designer, as well as wife to this guy and dog-mom to two of the sweetest pitbulls on the planet.

Until recently, I've been reluctant to talk about the job that takes more of my time than anything, and that's dealing with type one diabetes. I'm hoping to help myself (and maybe even some other cyborg/former video game character reject) by sharing my experiences living in a misunderstood city and living with a misunderstood disease. 

Plus, I need another outlet to post photos of my house-hippos (aka canine companions). See below to understand their irresistibility.

See you on the blog page, internet friends.


Jill Sipkins

Stella and Betty! 

Stella and Betty!